FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

Why do you adopt a so different sheet for your tasting notes?
Why don’t you use the traditional ones?

We think that for a consumer - but often, also for a wine pro - is more important to know the style of a wine. We totally agree with Jancis Robinson:

“I try to concentrate on the structure of a wine more than lots of flavors. You know, is it dry, is it very rich and potent, has it got a little bit of a spritz, is it tannic? Because I think those are the incontrovertible things that are useful for guiding people toward the style of wine that they like. But our tasting mechanisms are all so different. We are all sensitive to different compounds. We have our different preferences. I can’t possibly see that a long string of flavors that are supposedly in this wine are going to be picked up by any other person.”

Do you publish all your tasting notes?


No. Only the positive or neutral ones. We respect both the consumer and the producer. It’s not nice to read a negative wine review; however, we can send our personal review privately to your email, if you are interested in a specific wine that has not been published.

I don’t see a winery or a wine that I’m interested in... 

Maybe we have yet to visit it, or taste the wine, or write about it. But if you are in a hurry, or you are eager to have a specific information, send us an email, we'll do our best to satisfy you.

Do you accept payment for tasting and reviewing the wines?


No, we do not accept any payment for our reviews in this web site. We are free to choose the wines to taste and review. However, if any wine pro (importer, retailer, distributor...) wishes to have further info about a winery, some wines or anything else about Valpolicella, we offer specialized consultancy, so please contact us for details and agreements. In this case, obviously, the review will not be public, because we'll send our tasting notes by email. 

I can’t find what I am interested in!


Please, contact us sending an email, we always reply. And quickly (it’s a promise!).