Valpolicella Wines' New Path

Valpolicella Wines' New Path

The 2019 harvest is ready to start in Valpolicella and new rules of production are setted to be used.

Recently, the members’ assembly of Consorzio Valpolicella (the wine board of Valpolicella producers) approved a modification in the production rules of the appellation,  and according to the Consorzio president Andrea Sartori, “this is just the beginning”. Is new dawn approaching this important wine region? We’ll see. 
The newly approved rules are the following…

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Recioto della Valpolicella vs Amarone: What’s the difference?

There’s a new piece by Chris Mercer written for Decanter wine magazine about the “two titans of Valpolicella”: Recioto and Amarone.

“Legend has it that Amarone was born after a Recioto fermentation was left too long.
Before fermentation, the two styles have a lot in common.
(…) Key to the process is the appassimento method. This involves drying out harvested grapes, which concentrates sugars and fruit flavours. Grapes will lose weight as water content evaporates.

(…) These days, grapes are more commonly dried in lofts in a more controlled environment; inevitably, though, some have rejected the introduction of new technology in the process.

Grapes must be dried until at least 1 December following harvest, but it often takes longer and fermentation may not begin until January or February”.

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Valpolicella, production data updates

It’s that moment during the year when public data about Valpolicella wine production are officially released. As usual, we collect them on annual basis and we provide the most complete among the (very few) available data sets on Valpolicella wines.

So, enjoy the collection we provide on this page.

Review: Amarone Leksikon app

Amarone della Valpolicella is a pretty successful wine all over the world, but having to deal with its many vintages in the market can be challenging. Is 2012 one better than 2014 or 2011 is the right one? Obviously, you can surf among the plenty of reviews on the web, reading tons of articles or posts about the vintages, but eventually, the final choice is yours: and what if you are in hurry? What if you have not all that time to inform yourself, and seemingly nobody is able to help you?

Well, actually there are at least 3 solutions to this problem.

The first one: have a look here... ;-)

Second solution: drop a line to us!  Write an email about your doubts about Amarone, and we’ll do our best to reply very quickly.

Third one: if you are just interested  to know more about some vintage in the last 10-15 years, downloading the Amarone Leksikon app might be a good idea.

The author, Bo Axman, has been an Amarone-lover for years. This app is the digital version of his book with the same title: here he gathered information about all the Amarone wines in the market - or at least all those he has been able to find - so in a glimpse you can have all the details you need: what grapes the wine is made with, who is the producer, where the winery is, etc. Most importantly, depending on the winery you are interested, you can have a score about some vintage of their Amarone - and writing yours, too. You can find the wine you are looking for, searching it by the label or the producer’s name. The wines are listed in alphabetical order.

The app is limited so far - there are currently more than 850 labels - because each and every year new producers enter the market, but it’s a good start anyway. Furthermore, the app is regularly updated.

You can download the app for your preferred smartphone here in the iOS Apple App Store or in the Android Google Play Store. The app is free, but it offers in-app purchases. 


Updated: 9 facts about Valpolicella that you probably know wrong

If you are a Valpolicella wine lover, it's likely you know many things about this area and its wines. And it's also likely that some of those things are incorrect or totally wrong...

Here we try to correct some of the most common misconceptions about Valpolicella wines.

Harvest 2015 and a recommended reading

Harvest 2015 and a recommended reading

Afterwards a quite difficult vintage, this 2015 harvest in Valpolicella looks a lot better, mainly for the red grapes. If 2014 has been claimed by the producers (in Verona area) as “a vintage for white wines”,  2015 is a “red wines vintage” definitely. 
The 2015 vintage is quite similar to 2007 -  the Consortium Valpolicella says - The wines will be structured, full-bodied and alcoholic (15-16° Vol.)”...

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Verona Wine and Oil Top: how choosing the best wines and olive oil from Verona province

Verona Wine and Oil Top: how choosing the best wines and olive oil from Verona province

Every year, the Chamber of Commerce in Verona organizes a wine competition reserved exclusively for wines produced in the province of the city. The criteria are those of any wine competition (like Vinitaly's one), so no surprise from this side. The news is that this year also an olive oil competition has been organized, so  you can get a guide to the best labels of this product as well. The award ceremony has been hosted in Dogana Veneta, Lazise (Lake of Garda)...

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