Usually, we prefer to go for a blind tasting. "Going blind" is the best way to approach wines you essentially know.

Of course, we can't always taste in blind mode, so we try to re-taste wines as often as possible.

We don't love "standard" wine tasting notes. We prefer to focus on what matters about Valpolicella red wines: winemakers' styles, terroir, farming, sweetness, use of woods, etc. 

Winery & Wines Styles

  • Terroir Consistency:
    we consider the mix of the grapes' origin, if they come from the same cru, or from different vineyards in the same valley, or if they are a mix from different valleys.
  • Farming:
    Conventional, Sustainable, Organic or Biodynamic (as declared by the producers).
  • Own Grapes:
    the percentage of winery's own grapes that compose the blend.
  • Our Rating:
    Here we go "analog" (no digit or scores). Outstanding, excellent, very good, good, mediocre, forget.
  • A Reason to Drink It:
    if it's the case, a very short recommendation.

Wine Descriptors

  • Type:
    The main types of wines you can find in Valpolicella are the Red and the Sweet wines. We have also some very rare Sparkling (Recioto Spumante), Rosé and Fortified (Recioto "Liquoroso").
  • Sweetness:
    Bone dry, Dry, Off dry, Medium sweet, Very sweet.
  • Aroma Intensity:
    Low, Moderate, Aromatic, Powerful.
  • Body:
    Very light, Light, Medium, Medium-full, Full-bodied, Heavy.
  • Wood:
    The impact rate of barriques woods or big barrels. Absent, Light, Medium, Evident, Oaky. 

Prices indicated are intended for consumers at the winery.

Sample Policy

We accept wine samples for review.
Please, contact us via this form requesting shipping instructions. Our review policy is very simple: we taste every single wine you ship to Terroir Amarone, and we write about the bottles we like. There is no fixed tasting schedule, and no feedback is provided to wineries other than what might be written on this site.