Review: Amarone Leksikon app

Amarone della Valpolicella is a pretty successful wine all over the world, but having to deal with its many vintages in the market can be challenging. Is 2012 one better than 2014 or 2011 is the right one? Obviously, you can surf among the plenty of reviews on the web, reading tons of articles or posts about the vintages, but eventually, the final choice is yours: and what if you are in hurry? What if you have not all that time to inform yourself, and seemingly nobody is able to help you?

Well, actually there are at least 3 solutions to this problem.

The first one: have a look here... ;-)

Second solution: drop a line to us!  Write an email about your doubts about Amarone, and we’ll do our best to reply very quickly.

Third one: if you are just interested  to know more about some vintage in the last 10-15 years, downloading the Amarone Leksikon app might be a good idea.

The author, Bo Axman, has been an Amarone-lover for years. This app is the digital version of his book with the same title: here he gathered information about all the Amarone wines in the market - or at least all those he has been able to find - so in a glimpse you can have all the details you need: what grapes the wine is made with, who is the producer, where the winery is, etc. Most importantly, depending on the winery you are interested, you can have a score about some vintage of their Amarone - and writing yours, too. You can find the wine you are looking for, searching it by the label or the producer’s name. The wines are listed in alphabetical order.

The app is limited so far - there are currently more than 850 labels - because each and every year new producers enter the market, but it’s a good start anyway. Furthermore, the app is regularly updated.

You can download the app for your preferred smartphone here in the iOS Apple App Store or in the Android Google Play Store. The app is free, but it offers in-app purchases.